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  1. ahmed.s,shehu
    November 9, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

    1.Recognised that you have a choice, yes you mite listing to the voice of advise, because advice may lead you to good way`s, while some may lead you to wrong part.
    2. Grow mindset voice.- Tryer`s make`s one to move foreword, without it you loss woefully.
    3. practice- in every growth mindset in the world practice come`s first, either in human or animal.
    4. mindset failed- we failed to no where our lapses are, failure make`s one realize his/her mistake`s.
    5. mindset grows with action- because when you discovered your talents make`s use of it by passing it to orders to study on it, it`s not made for you alone.