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21st Century Ready Teachers Programme (TCRT) Our Teacher-readiness Solution

Match the skills for 21st century learning delivery

As the needs of society changes so is the need for curriculum development and delivery of subject matter. Therefore, it has become pertinent that teachers match the theme and skills that are required for 21st century learning delivery. It is with this understanding that the TCRT was developed.


We are enhancing teacher-readiness

The benefits of TCRT programme includes the maintenance of team cohesion, the creation of a common mindset and a shared goal. Several clear benefits of the 21st Century Ready Teachers (TCRT) programme include:

  • Enable your team to respond to technological changes that are influencing learning delivery.
  • Help teachers respond to the changes that come from the changing educational landscape.
  • Give them the ability to adapt to changes resulting from increased diversity in the student population.
  • Work to facilitate career development. 
  • Help to meet your employee’s need for continued growth.


Bring all your teachers to a higher standard of competency

Explore courses that enriches your teaching staff with tools and processes for 21st century classroom management and learning delivery.

Corporate Onboarding Workshop

Organizations are realizing they must move beyond the standard new hire orientation and create an effective onboarding process for better employee retention.

Effective School Administration and Management

This course is designed towards effective school administration and management with result-oriented strategies that bring ultimate improvement in school.

Facilitating Online Learning for Sustainable Education

This course enables teachers develop the skills they need to facilitate online learning, explore different digital tools and resources for better results, and evaluate online learning.

Effective, Interactive and Collaborative (EIC) Learning

This course will inspire participants to reflect on their way of teaching while expanding their knowledge of effective and motivating teaching methods.

Advanced Method of Assessment and Evaluation in 21st Century Education

Participant will learn how to collect, represent and analyse students’ performance following advanced and efficient methods.

Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Employees will learn how to harness organizational structure for enhanced engagement, design personal measures to test their engagement level and craft personal engagement policies.

Task Management and Productivity Tools for 21st Century Ready Teachers.

Equip teachers with tools for efficient task and data management to ensure accountability and timeliness for better decision making and enhanced productivity.

Mindfulness and Career Development for 21st Century Ready Teachers

This course is designed to enhance Teachers’ awareness to identify their strength as well as implement ideas to further their own teaching competences.

Covid 19: Virtual Team Building and Management

This course guides through the process of creating virtual teams while also introducing you to key virtual team management tools and techniques.

Emotional Intelligence for 21st Century Ready Teachers

Equip teachers with requisite emotional intelligence skills to help them understand and manage themselves, and their students.