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Graduate Employability Skills Programme (GES) Our Employability Solution

We equip graduates with requisite workplace skills

GES is poised to equip graduates with requisite workplace skills and Emotional Intelligence necessary and sufficient for 21st Century living, for self, business, community and the nation.


The Possibility of graduate employability

The employability crisis is surging even in developed nations. The current, highly globalised economy has fostered the need for an internationally-minded workforce. This and many other peculiar reasons have been pointed as the cause of skill deficit.  Every year, thousands of young Nigerians are released into the job market; adding to the already high unemployed population. In Nigeria, the unemployment rate rose from 27.1 percent to 33.3 percent in the 4th quarter of 2020, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS, 2020).


Supports development

To provide participants with a range of measures to support the development of problem-solving skills.

To develop measures targeted at helping participants meet the needs of employers

the measures Terraskills have developed to create and enhance ‘work readiness” in participants include a combination of basic skills and activities that focus on developing behaviours and attitudes that employers expect from young graduates when they enter the workplace. These measures are tailored to meet individual participant needs; this is why Terraskills utilizes the KYC tool to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) of each participant. This was taken as a major criterion in developing the GES model taking into consideration the uniqueness of an individual, noting that some individuals may require measures that primarily focus on developing emotional skills before focusing on social skills such as behaviours, attitudes and employability skills. Terraskills have identified that participants benefit from diversified support; this requires input from specialist professionals or via outreach, that is why Terraskills uses professional TED talks, case management, counselling and leadership roles and simulations.

To ensure flexibility in meeting participants’ individual needs

the GES modules are unique because training is delivered in sub-cohorts; this is targeted at enhancing individual contribution to team building and learning. This is delivered in small groups or a one-to-one basis.

To enhance employability skills through helping participants achieve work readiness

The curriculum focuses on motivation, building self-confidence and self-esteem to help build a range of skills, and personal qualities to support participants in their overall integration in the workplace.


To the Individual

  • Improved social and emotional skills
  • Stimulate the development of interest and curiosity
  • Developing a positive attitude to learning
  • Gain a better understanding of career option and job roles
  • Improve self-awareness and stimulate commitment to self and others
  • Stimulate the contributory/collaborative mindset
  • Get Skilled, Go for Internship and Secure your future.

To the Employer/Organization

  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently in the workplace
  • Increased creativity and innovation in the workplace
  • Work to full potential with better work output.
  • Reduced employee redundancy
  • Develop empathy towards customers, colleagues and others.