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The Terraskills Talent pool contains a diverse range of trained and certified professionals ready to impact on organizational productivity. We currently boast of over 2000 talents who have received training ranging from Digital Literacy Skills to Graduate Employability Skills. This is why organizations are leveraging our talent pool for a more effective recruitment process.

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The aim of the Terraskills Graduate Employability Skills (GES) programme is to equip graduates with the requisite 21st-century skills; and emotional intelligence necessary and sufficient for 21st Century living, for self, business, community and the nation. The programme ensures that graduates are trained inhouse; and subsequently sent for internship during which students deepen their understanding of the workplace and get practical experience; these experiences allow them to begin networking and building partnerships.

The benefits of the GES internships scheme are in three dimensions, viz:


GES trainees learn through internships to accelerate their careers. The trainees boast of experiences that have helped them develop critical thinking, communications, emotional intelligence, collaboration and teamwork skills.


The internship opportunity help trainees explore the labour market; allowing them to discover how they fit in the organisation and where they excel. The opportunity allows trainees to gain an array of skills which ensures that they polish their resumes for better career opportunities.

Networking/job market benefits

Building professional relationships is essential for every aspiring and developing professional. Therefore, the GES internship offers trainees the opportunity to network, create and nurture beneficial professional relationships.

The GES programme was developed with the graduate and employer in mind; hence, the programme has been able to creatively develop solutions to the challenges of graduate employability; while also delivering benefits to employers by reforming graduates to become highly resourceful and engaged employees.

Taking the perspective of employers into consideration means that the training satisfies employer’s needs. Therefore, Terraskills have a host of qualified talents that every employer want.

Tap from our pool of trained and qualified talents to enhance the productivity of your organisation.

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