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Workshop: Technology Education for Teachers

Terraskills Headquarters, AbujaWuse II, Abuja.

Technology Education has gone through a lot of changes in the past decades. It has developed from a craft oriented school subject to a learning area in which the meaning of technology as an important part of our contemporary culture is explored, both by the learning of theoretical concepts and through practical activities. This development has been accompanied by educational research. The output of research studies is published mostly as articles in scholarly Technology Education and Science Education journals. There is a need, however, for more than that. The field still lacks an international book series that is entirely dedicated to Technology Education. The International Technology Education Studies aim at providing the opportunity to publish more extensive texts than in journal articles, or to publish coherent collections of articles/chapters that focus on a certain theme. In this workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to learn from experts and professionals in the field.

The Workshop is proudly sponsored by Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) and admittance is Free of Charge for practicing and prospective teachers.