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We have trained over 4,000 Nigerians on Digital Literacy Skills, Entrepreneurship and Human Capacity Development.

Who we are

TERRASKILLS LEARNING SYSTEMS LIMITED is an innovative tech company that specializes in Skills Development, Lifelong Learning Systems, ICT and Digital Economy, Training, Research and Consulting.

We have been in operations since 2004 and have trained over 4,000 individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals in both public and private sectors of the Nigerian Economy.
In our pursuit for excellence and empowering our learners, we conducted 10-years of Tracers Study research to check the impact of our Trainings on our successful learners and we discovered that over 85% are gainfully employed and we received favourable commendations from their employers and colleagues.


To be a Human-Centered Organization (HCO) that provide cutting-edge solutions which empowers individuals, families, employees and organizations to achieve their learning, growth and development targets and objectives through cost-effective, efficient and standard methods, processes, and technologies with highly engaged personnel in a lifelong partnership of happiness.


To have a friend in every home.