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Terraskills Mentorship Services (TMS)

Position yourself for the better

Mentors serve as a thought partner for youngsters on their life’s journey and help empower them to become autonomous learners and agents of their own change. You need a confidant to understand your aspirations and fears. That’s why we are here.


We’re changing the process of development

Do you know that opening up to someone relies heavily on trust which activates empathy? Establishing trust creates a safe environment for people to share stories about themselves with you, however deep they may go.

We have found that when you establish this ‘safe environment’ for people, the following three things can happen to us:

  • We are able to learn
  • We can be inspired
  • We form a deeper connection

Creating a ‘safe environment’ for people to share insightful stories builds connection on a deeper level and encourages people development.

Mentoring has evolved to embrace a wide range of activities in recent years: from being allocated individuals who respond to queries, to schemes that border on counselling given the complexity of the needs of the mentee.

Encourage and enable your professional or personal development while building meaningful relationships with your mentor:

  • They will support your growth
  • They will be your source of specific insights and information for success.
  • They will help set SMART goals

Every aspect of this relationship can help both of you learn new things, build your networks and grow as professionals.

Relationship that builds strength and steers in the right direction

With our pool of highly resourceful and successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, we can help you kick-start your professional development, and guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

This is a crucial component of a productive life

Build relationship between an experienced business person at all stages in the business life cycle and offers benefits to both mentors and mentees. Access a mentor for yourself as an entry level career person, entrepreneur or for your staff as a business owner. You will receive guidance on how to develop your business through improved planning, performance and productivity. It can broaden your business networks, which can help you identify new opportunities, ideas and innovative solutions for your business.