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TerraInspire (TI)

Inspire change and lead vibrant social movements

Learn from the mistakes and success stories of others. Life is not so long that you can go through all the experience yourself and effectively get the benefits. That’s why we are here.


We’re facilitating the exchange of positive energy between people

Do you know that opening up to someone relies heavily on trust which activates empathy? Establishing trust creates a safe environment for people to share stories about themselves with you, however deep they may go.

We have found that when you establish this ‘safe environment’ for people, the following three things can happen to us:

  • We are able to learn
  • We can be inspired
  • We form a deeper connection

Creating a ‘safe environment’ for people to share insightful stories builds connection on a deeper level and encourages people development.

Listening to failure stories from successful people would do the job

As success stories make you feel inspirational for moments. So, will failure stories. You will be aware of mistakes they made, how gross it is to deal with the world, what bad experiences they had, the ‘dos and don’ts’ that will definitely fulfill the crave of your soul and will eventually help you move ahead.

In your story lies the potency to change lives

Choose which style you believe your presentation should fall into and build your narrative from there. We are here for you.

Coach Style

Connect and engage with your audience as an energetic and charismatic survivor using role play and listener interaction. Your audience will be put at ease while listening to your experience. It can either be virtual, onsite or a hybrid. Either way, we are your host or co-host as the case may be, helping to create a successful session.

Storytelling Style

Bring your learning points to life through stories while letting your emotions out. Here you encourage your audience reaction and feedback to what you’re saying. It is an interactive session where you learn more about your audience’s views, pain points and challenges to proffer ideas on how to pull through because have experienced it.